30th July 2018

Reasons To Visit Nepal

Nepal is arguably one of the best travel destinations for tourists around the world. Ranked as the top 6th Must Visit List infamous tourism publication National Geographic Traveler in 2016, despite the devastation of the earthquake a year prior, Nepal still has a lot to offer for the nature, culture and travel lovers around the globe.

There are several clichés of Nepal – number one being the mountainous country homing 8 of the world’s highest peaks and paradise for the peak climbers especially for those looking for scaling Mount Everest or Sagarmatha Himal, secondly the collection of top trekking destinations, third the birthplace of Lord Buddha and finally the country is one of the least developed and yet the most friendly and happy people living around. The list goes on and on.

Here we discuss the unobvious reasons of why you have to visit Nepal at least once.

Perfect getaway from the hassle

Though, there are some great places in Nepal that are suitable for those looking for parties and crowd loving people. Most parts of the country provide the serene heaven away from the daily hectic routine. Almost from every corner of the country, you can see mountains smiling back at you with a deep feeling of content and gratitude and accepting you as you are without passing any judgments. The waterfalls change their colors and forms as it dances while greeting the thirsty pilgrims and travelers alike. And then there are some of the rarest animals and birds you can capture in your camera lens and share your great achievements with the world.

Theatre of unique history and religion

The earthquake 2015 hit hard most of the heritage sites enlisted by UNESCO World Heritage sites. By the end of 2018, all the heritage sites are being restored with the collaborative efforts of the local people, the local government and the support from the international cooperation – some of the world favorite temples, monuments and structures are already refurbished and are opened for the visitors. Apart from the historic monuments that scream the rich history of the country, you can observe uncountable temples, stupas of all kinds and sizes throughout different places.

Rainbows of people

Nepal boasts around 125 different ethnic groups living in different communities with a distinct culture and tradition all over the country. Most of the communities coexist within proximity and some even exist in same areas living in a perfect example of harmony and brotherhood. The visitors will always amazed to see the rare cultural tolerance as locals mark the rituals and festivals in their unique form and style – sometimes the same festival has different names and different meaning but holds the same purpose of uniting the different colors in one rainbow stream.

Small but aplenty choices

Yes, Nepal is a very – very small country. This tiny country is jam-packed with numerous maverick amazing areas placed in close traveling distance, each unique and equally enthralling to the other. You can enjoy the cool breeze of the mountains in the morning having a warm breakfast pack up, by the lunchtime stroll down the marketplace in one of the big city and at the dusk reach the Terai for the dinner in a resort nearby national park. Meaning, Nepal is just for you – be it for the adventure sports, vibrant colors, partaking in festivals, meeting happy people or just sitting by the side of meditating lake for plain tranquility.

Safe paradise

Nepal is heaven for peace and natural beauty seekers. One of the most peaceful nation around the globe due to high cultural and religious tolerance despite the presence of more than 125 different ethnic communities coexisting together. The earthquake in 2015 might have taken development and business a decade back, you will see optimistic vibes and glare whenever you cross path with the locals. Furthermore, the Nepali people are well known for their friendly nature and innocence. You will be greeted with wide bright smiles and warm hospitality at any given time of the day. These are the happiest people you will ever meet that will bring warmth to your soul as well.

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