Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Please read our booking terms and condition carefully before you book any trips with us. Mystic Himalaya Trekking is a registered trekking company incorporated with the ministry of tourism, Government of Nepal.

Guest Agreement and Declaration

Your adventure holiday in the Himalaya involves a certain amount of risks because of its exposed nature and a little bit of uncertainty as life always is, wherever you are. Having said that trekking in the Himalayas is the best experience that you can ever get in your life with lots of stories and smiles to share with your families and friends, a sweet memory that will remain with you forever. Although we take the utmost care of your safety still there are chances of accidents happening in the mountains and the trails so that’s why we need you to agree in this.

Please read the following conditions very carefully:

All bookings are made thorough Mystic Himalaya Trekking which is the registered trekking company in Nepal. Our office is located at Bhangal, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Depends on the trip but generally, US$ 500 is asked to deposit in our bank account as an advance deposit. You can pay us through online payment or wire us to our bank account. This amount we will need for your flight confirmation and hotel booking. Rest of the amount you can send us 15 days prior to the trip or pay us in cash upon arrival or pay through your credit card (Visa or Master card).

With all the credit card payments 4% service charge will be added to the total amount. This applies to all the payments, deposits, final balances, trip extension, and miscellaneous purchases. This charge is imposed by the credit card service provider here in Nepal.

If you cancel your trip 15 days prior to the trip starting date then Mystic Himalaya Trekking reserves the right to take control of your advance deposit. This money we need for the payment to hotels, flight and to compensate the Mystic Himalaya Trekking staff waiting for the trek.

No refunds will be made if you voluntarily decide to leave the trek for any reason after the trek has begun. All refunds are strictly at the discretion of Mystic Himalaya Trekking. Once you have decided to leave the trek no refunds will be made for any accommodation, transport, sightseeing, meals or services not utilized.

If Mystic Himalaya Trekking cancels a departure which is guaranteed to run due to reasons beyond our control (i.e. natural disasters, flight cancellation, consequences of strikes, industrial action, wars, riots, sickness, quarantine, government intervention, weather conditions, or other untoward occurrences), in this case we take the authority of diverting the trip, giving you the choice of the same value without any charge. After all your safety is our first priority.

You must carry a valid passport when traveling with Mystic Himalaya Trekking. Please ensure your passport is valid for 6 months beyond the duration of the trip. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are in possession of the correct visas for the countries you are traveling to. Mystic Himalaya Trekking cannot accept responsibility if you are refused to enter a country or places because you lack the correct visa documentation.

When booking the Mystic Himalaya Trekking holidays you understand that Mystic Himalaya Trekking runs adventure trips, where accommodation, transport, safety, hygiene, telecommunication facilities, level of infrastructure development and medical facilities are not the same that you are used to at home, or would find on a conventional holiday. Although we will try our level best to give you the best comfort.

On trip any damage of the equipment’s with your negligence, equipment’s that is handed to you for your use, in this case, you should be willing to pay the full payment of the equipment. Most of our equipment’s once it is damaged, it gets irreparable.

You understand that during the course of the trip certain events may occur, including accident or illnesses in remote places without medical facilities, political instability and the forces of nature. You agree to assume all risks associated with the journey. Please make sure you get the insurance letter from your own country that has medical coverage and helicopter evacuation facilities.

You acknowledge that traveling with Mystic Himalaya Trekking requires a degree of flexibility, and understand that the trip route, accommodation, and modes of transport are subject to change without prior notice due to local circumstances. In these cases, your group leader will constantly communicate with you. After all your safety becomes our first priority.

While traveling with Mystic Himalaya Trekking you agree to accept the authority of the trip leader or local operator at all times.

Mystic Himalaya Trekking will not accept responsibility for any traveler who contravenes any law or regulation of any country visited.

Any medical conditions then please do inform Mystic Himalaya Trekking office in advance. Before the trip, it is important that you consult your doctor for vaccination and other medical requirements.

Bad weather in mountain regions can cause domestic flight delays or cancellation, particularly in the Everest, Jomsom, and Kanchenjunga regions in Nepal. In case of domestic flight cancellation at Kathmandu Airport or in main cities, Mystic Himalaya Trekking will meet your hotel accommodation on bed and breakfast basis. In other departing villages, in case of flight cancellation during your trip, full board accommodation is provided. If the trip duration exceeds, waiting for the flight, then you have to pay extra for every single day. Mystic Himalaya Trekking office will advise you on this. In case of helicopter charter to avoid prolonging flight delays Mystic Himalaya Trekking will charge you extra for this. For using the helicopter we will provide you the insurance letter.

When booking a trip with us, please make sure you understand what is involved in participation with Mystic Himalaya Trekking on your chosen trip. Our priority will always be our clients and we wish you have a happy trip of a lifetime with Mystic Himalaya Trekking family.